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We like to keep our reviews current and relevant to our prospective potential clients making a good final decision to work with us. We want to have this opportunity to thank our recent clients who happen to have left their reviews of our services.


This company is fantastic. I needed a porch ceiling finished that my husband never got to complete. I called Gully Construction in Carrollton and they made a mess of it. They didn't even use the solid soffit like I requested and the job was horrible. Then I called C. Roberts Construction to clean up the mess and give me the ceiling my husband would love, they did just that. They went above and beyond to get the materials I wanted. Their work is flawless and the guys are the greatest. Thank you C. Roberts for giving me a porch I can sit on and enjoy. But most importantly to me is that you honored my late husband's 4 years of hard work he put into the porch. I hope to do more business with your company in the future, until then God Bless all of you. I would more than highly recommend this company.


At C. Roberts Construction, we take time to assess every one of the suggestions we obtain from our clients and improve each of our expert services to ensure all of us consistently give the high expectations we promised to our customers.

At C. Roberts Construction, all of us are eager to assist our customers from Akron, and throughout Ohio using top-notch support. Learn why C. Roberts Construction is a top-rated Roofing Contractor in N.E. Ohio!


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